Dedicated for over 20 years to the business world of Golf (Publication of magazines, organizing events - tournaments , marketing and advertising and of course the Golf Tourism ) and with many more years of play, 4ball Travel was born as a company oriented pure and only the player / a course who likes to travel and play on the best courses in the world , or just want to get away and enjoy the good weather and pleasant journeys with friends.
Definitely we are not a travel agency, We are a travel agency specialized in Golf , because for this we visited and played in most of the destinations we offer , in order to advise on the best possible way to players who wish to undertake a golf trip .

Why travel with 4ball Travel:

Because for us the traveler is a " player / a course" and we understand your needs and taste .
Because our deal is unique and personalized .
Because we have proposed and deals on the best golf destinations in the world .
Because constantly design programs " creative " for golf trips have an added flavor .
Because we try to always have the best deals. Yes, never detract from the quality .
Because we will do everything that your budget fits the journey you wish to make .
Because the player / to have a 24 hours helpline during your travels.

Best regards to all golfers

Hernán Morgenstern
Travel fourball S.L